What do Lexiles mean?

Achieve3000 measures students' reading abilities using the Lexile® Framework for Reading that was developed by MetaMetrics. The chart below shows the College and Career Readiness Lexile bands by grade. To determine if a student is on track for college and career readiness, look at the row corresponding to the student's grade in school and find the column where the student's Lexile falls. For example, a fifth grade student with a Lexile of 850 is on track for College and Career readiness. However, a sixth grade student with the same Lexile of 850 is not on track but is approaching being on track.

Lexile chart

Students who score above a 1350L are shown in our program as AR (advanced reader). They receive content that is targeted to their advanced reading abilities. Students who score below 290L are shown in our program as BR or PRE level readers. While all BR and PRE students receive the same content within Achieve3000, their Lexile levels can range from -600L to 289L. Teachers can refer to students' Lexile levels to indicate where along the continuum of early reading skills the student lies.